I can not receive messages

Most often users do not recieve the message because the mailbox is over quota or he/she has set a filter with an order to erase all incomming mail from one or another person.

If you see the red line in the left side, you must delete all unnecessary messages from all folders and then empty trash

There are also following rules:

  • The max measure for incomming e-mail is 60MB.
  • Inbox does not let trough messages, that contains viruses or trojans.
  • All mail that comes from foreign IP addresses is checked with Inbox Anti-Spam. If Inbox Anti-Spam is 100% sure that the letter is spam, it is deleted automaticly.
  • Inbox also doesn’t allow files with extensions that are considered to be unsafe:

    ".386" ".adt" ".bin" ".cbt" ".ceo" ".cla" ".cnf" ".dll" ".drv" ".eml" ".exe" ".htt" ".ini" ".ins" ".mad" ".maf" ".mag" ".mam" ".maq" ".mar" ".mas" ".mat" ".mav" ".maw" ".mhtml" ".mso" ".pot" ".scf" ".sys" ".xnk" ".folder" ".ad" ".adp" ".crt" ".ins" ".msc" ".msp" ".sct" ".shb" ".vb" ".wsc" ".wsf" ".cpl" ".shs" ".asp" ".bas" ".bat" ".chm" ".cmd" ".com" ".exe" ".hlp" ".hta" ".inf" ".isp" ".js" ".jse" ".lnk" ".msi" ".mst" ".pcd" ".pif" ".reg" ".scr" ".url" ".vbe" ".vbs" ".ws" ".wsh".
  • Inbox can also delete messages that does not correspond the RFC standarts, releated to e-mails.


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