Didn’t work contacts synchronization


  1. Make sure that you have the last version of the inbox mobile app
  2. Open inbox.lv app
  3. Logout and login into your inbox account
  4. Go to the application's settings and make sure that you have enabled contact synchronization. Settings -> Contacts sync -> Contacts sync is On (synchronization is turned on)

  5. If synchronization was already on, then update it by turning Off/On.
  6. Check the results. If sync is still not working, continue to perform the following steps.
  7. Check to see if synchronization works. Make sure you have access permission to the contact section Accounts -> Inbox.lv

  8. Make sure that your mobile phone have allowed access to the section "Contacts". To check:

    Program ->Inbox.lv -> Permissions. You must have access permission to sections "Memory" and "Contacts"
  9. Logout and login into your inbox account
  10. Update synchronization by turning it Off/On
  11. Check the results. If the steps above have not helped, please write your question to the customer support department.


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