Synchronize and import contacts


How to automatically sync contacts?

Every time when you log into your mailbox account in mobile application, it requires a permit to synchronize contacts.

If you confirm contacts synchronization, all your contacts that have been saved in the phone's address book - will be automatically added to Inbox Contacts in web interface. Synced contacts from your phone will be located in a folder called «From IOS». Application will add all contacts - no matter what kind of information has a contact (only the phone number or only email address etc.)

If you do not agree to sync contacts, then no one contacts will not be added to web interface.


How to manually sync contacts?

If you need to move your contacts from your phone book to the Inbox Contacts, you can sync them manually:

Open app -> Settings -> "Contacts" section -> Auto Export -> Enable.


Leave synchronization always enabled?

We recommend you to leave the synchronization always enabled, - in such a way, all the changes made in the phone address book will automatically appear in the Inbox Contacts section. Changes will be synchronized each time when you will use mobile application If you use any other mobile application - synchronization will not be performed.


Contacts list in app

When you are working with letters (writing new letter/response to received letter) in mobile application, contact list, which is displayed in the section "write a new letter" is taken only from the Inbox Contact section (in web version).

Contacts who don’t have information about the email address on this list will not be displayed.


What will happen if I turn off synchronization after some time?

If you disable contact synchronization, then all contacts that were synchronized so far (in Inbox Contacts) will stay in the folder “From the IOS".


Why import contacts?

If you want to get contacts from your phone’s address book in the Inbox Contacts section, then you need to import them.

Before beginning the import, you will see the list of contacts to be added to your phone. In this list, you cannot choose what kind of contacts you want to import. In this list, you will see only new contacts.

If you want to import contacts, go mobile app -> Settings -> Contacts -> Import.

If some contact from the above list in the phone is not necessary, you can manually delete it from your address book.


How to delete synced contacts from the Inbox Contacts?

If you delete a contact in the Inbox Contacts section in «From iOS» folder, it will be deleted only from the Web version.

When you re-sync your contacts through the mobile app, deleted contacts will not be re-synchronized, only the new ones that were created in the phone book after removal.

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