Increased spam protection.

Spam is the mailing of electronic letters unsolicited by the recipients. For our users, we offer additional option - increased spam protection, to deal with an unwanted letters received.

Increased spam protection will help you in case if to get rid of spam messages do not help created filters.

To set an increased spam protection:

1. Go to "Options" and select the option "Spam protection"

2. In the second menu "Spam protection level" choose "Increased spam protection"

3. To confirm this action, click "Save Settings"

After these actions, will appear alert window that says "Enable enhanced protection against spam", click on the button "Enable"

! Please note that in increased spam protection mode, there is a possibility that the conventional (important for you) letters, in some cases, may also mistakenly moved to the Spam folder. If you have turned on the regime, it is advised to from time to time check the spam folder.

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