Browsers for portal and updating them

If You are using an outdated version of Internet browser, which is technically no longer supported by the manufacturer and our portal, some features of portal may be unavailable or not work properly.
Please use the information below to update Your browser to the recommended version for Your operating system or install another one.

Free Internet browsers - all browsers perform the same basic functions and are easy to use.

Choose which browser you want to download:

Mozilla Firefox (recommended)

Google Chrome – developer Google


   Ms Edge – developer Miscrosoft 


Safari (for iOS/MacOs) – developer Apple


! As Internet Explorer 11 alternative - you can use any browser of list.


Why it is needed to upgrade your browser?

Using latest versions of web browsers will give you many advantages:

  1. Security – latest version of web browsers will better protect you against fraud, viruses, trojans and other things that threaten security of your data, in addition, it will remove security "holes" that are in your current browsers.
  2. Speed - the latest browser versions have enhanced performance.
  3. Compatibility - with the latest browser versions you will see the website more correct also in the future.
  4. Comfort - with the new features, additions and better flexibility, usage of the Internet will be much easier.

Update will not take more than 5 minutes and is completely free of charge!

Problems with updating the browser by yourself?
If you are using a computer and you do not have rights to install or update the software, ask the administrator to do it.

It is not possible to update an existing web browser?
If you cannot change the browser due to lack of compatibility (for example, usage of old browser-specific software), you can install a second browser from offered and use it for web page viewing.

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