Language settings for the portal


   During the initial visit to the portal, the content is displayed to the user in a language depending on the country from which the connection to the portal is made.

For example, if the connection will be made in England, the portal will open in English. At the moment it is determined by the IP address of the user.

There are some cases, when the language of portal is different from the set as default:

  • If user opens a portal and selects his own prefered language, the data is stored in cookies and display of the portal is happening in the chosen language as long as the user does clear the cookies in browser. After cleaning the cookies, next time user opens the portal, displayed language will be that set by default again.
  • If after leaving the portal cookies have not been clean, the language settings choosed by the user are saved.
  • Also, the portal can be opened in a language different from the default if user types an address in address bar and chooses completion of the address, which was preserved in the memory of the browser with the last chosen language setting in last sessions.

English and spanish languages are available. It is possible to choose language before entering Your mailbox.

How to save / change the language setting for the portal:

  • Open your browser,
  • clear your browser's cookies (instructions for different browsers can be found here),
  • then open and select the appropriate language,
  • close the browser and open it again,
  • visit - must now remain language of your choice.

If user selects another language before closing the browser, the next time the portal will be displayed in a language selected last before closing browser. This language will remain all the time - regardless of cookies.

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